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It is a myth that a good translation must cost a lot!
We have been debunking it for years, doing good quality translations at a low price.
Your translations may be even 30% cheaper than before!
In our business price and quality do not always go hand in hand.

Experience indicates, that the high pricing of translations in many translation agencies is the result of poor
management, a lack of modern tools and a small database of translators/interpreters.

We have been carrying out research into the translation market and the pricing policies of competitors for years
and the research shows that our prices may be even 30% lower than average market prices while
maintaining very good quality.

How it is possible?

We have been in the translating and interpreting business since 2003 and we know which costs are unavoidable to do a good translation or interpretation job, and which are just throwing money out of the window.

    • We cut red tape to minimum – we prefer effective CRM systems instead. A complex project is co-ordinated by one responsible person not a group of people headed by a manager.
    • Marketing of our agency is eco-marketing without the unnecessary printing of leaflets and brochures that are thrown away into the dustbin in the end.
    • We do not bother you unnecessarily. Our contact with the customer are limited to the required minimum, since your time and our time has a price tag.

We mercilessly cut costs that have no direct impact on the quality and timely delivery of our services.

Discover for yourself that a good translation or interpretation service does not need to cost the earth. You can even save up to 30%!